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    UK to worldwide plug adaptor for Macbook Air
    Can anyone recommend an adapter for Australia and NZ for plugging in my Macbook Air? I just bought a Wenger Worldwide Adaptor Plug Kit but when I opened the packaging I found there was no third earth pin. Is this important? I've come across this which DOES have the third pin but not sure if the voltage and amps are compatible ie how safe it is. Electrical expert advice welcome! PS - would also like to use the adaptor for recharging my compact camera and my mobile phone (alas not an iphone but an HTC Wildfire)

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    Australia & NZ are 220V, same as UK - so there is no need for any form of Transformer - just a straight adapter will do.

    However, it must have an earth pin. Earth pins are no so necessary for things like lamps; when the current surges, the bulb blows.

    When the current surges on your computer, the computer gets knackered - so earth pin is mandatory.

    I bought one in a convenience store for peanuts whilst I was there, and it came with an earth pin. Most should.

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    Thankyou dpkone. What was confusing me was the fact the (rather expensive) Apple Store world travel adapter kit shows the Aussie/NZ plug adapter with only two pins - ie without the earth. Apple World Travel Adapter Kit - Apple Store (UK) Or maybe the kit's just intended for iphones and ipads? I think I'd rather err on the side of safety and get one with the third pin just as you advise!

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    UK to worldwide plug adaptor for Macbook Air
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    Australia & NZ are 220V, same as UK - so there is no need for any form of Transformer - just a straight adapter will do.
    Apple devices are designed to operate on various line voltages and phase settings so there is never a need for a transformer. The only thing you need you're already familiar with and that is plug adapters. And yes, buy the set which has the third pin for grounding safety.

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    Will do Chscag - good to have unanimous advice! I do think Apple Store should be clearer on this, but as usual Mac Forum members come to the rescue. Thankyou both!

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