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    Will a simple USB to RCA connect to an older TV?
    I'm trying to play movies from my Macbook Pro on an old TV, and I'm wondering if this USB to RCA cable will do the trick?

    The TV is old enough where VGA ports don't exist so I'm shopping around for alternatives. Thanks in advance for the help!

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    Will a simple USB to RCA connect to an older TV?
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    No it will not.

    That cable is only for use with older camcorders that provided an analog USB port to view it's recorded content on the TV. It is essentially a replacement cable for what came with the camcorder. Whatever manufacturers decided to make an analog USB on their camcorderss were just stupid and have caused who knows how many folks to waste money on such a cable.

    It will not do anything with any other devices since USB is a digital port.

    Getting to composite video from your Mac will depend on what Mac you have and what video ports it has. You can start off by having a read of posts # 7 & # 15 in the following thread:
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    Will a simple USB to RCA connect to an older TV?
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    No, that won't work.

    Which MacBook Pro do you have and which version of OSX?

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