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    USB super drive to G drive ????

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    USB super drive to G drive ????
    Coming from a 15in Macbook to my Mac air can be confusing. Have loaded all my music to a g drive which seems to work well for me. However the time has come to purchase a USB super drive and copy some new cd's into the g drive. After plugging the Super drive into one side of the Air and the G drive into the other what should I expect to encounter ? Will I have to load it into the iTunes on the air and then move it to the G drive? Can someone take me step by step as so I do not complicate the process ???

    Many Thanks

    Bob J

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    USB super drive to G drive ????
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    OS X doesn't assign letters to drives like Windows does. So you might want to explain your situation more in terms of physical hardware as opposed to names/letters..

    Is your "G drive" an external HD? What about the Macbook to Macbook Air is confusing?

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    USB super drive to G drive ????
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    What to expect depends on what you are doing with the music. Are you playing it through iTunes? Are you using something else? Based on what you said, I am guessing that you have the free standing MP3 files on your G-Drive (to the person who asked about this above, G-Drive is a brand of external hard drive) and are using something other than iTunes to play them.

    If you want to add to MP3s on your G-Drive, you will need a ripping program. Certainly iTunes is the simplest choice, since it will be on your Air. I would use it to do the ripping. You will need to hunt for the results once done - they will be in your user account's Music folder, in the iTunes folder. It may be directly under there, or may be enclosed in a subfolder called "iTunes Music", but it WILL be there. You can then just copy the files out onto your G-Drive and you are done. I have done this many times when transferring partial iTunes library contents between Macs.

    If I have your scenario wrong, and you ARE using iTunes to play back the music, but have your library located on the G-Drive, there should be no issue. Just do the ripping via iTunes and all should be will. It should go into your library directly.

    Write back if this doesn't answer the question.
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