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    iMac display for my new Mac Pro
    Can I use my circa 2009 21 in iMac display as one of my displays for my new Mac Pro? I have read many threads concerning using various iMacs as displays for various macs. Combinations and answers are all over the map. This is my first attempt at using this forum.

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    iMac display for my new Mac Pro
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    My initial thought would be no. The '09 iMacs do not have a video "in" port - only a video "out" port.

    It may be possible with an external video capture device - perhaps one of the ElGato products, but have not tried it myself. I would guess such a product would only allow you to mirror an existing display, not use it as a 2nd display. I would guess that would be of no use to you.

    You might try sending the question off to their support - link.
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    iMac display for my new Mac Pro
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    Related question - could I use a 2011 iMac with thunderbolt port as an single external monitor with a 2011 MacBook Air with thunderbolt port? How?

    If not, could I boot my iMac from the SSD drive in my Air and do it that way?

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