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    Garmin device shows two items in Finder

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    Garmin device shows two items in Finder
    Very soon after I got my MacBook Pro with Lion, I plugged in my Garmin Edge 800 GPS device. It only showed the Garmin device in the left side of the Finder window. Unfortunately, I forgot to properly eject it first and just unplugged the USB cable. A warning message popped up and I dismissed it. Every time the Garmin is plugged in now, Finder will show the Garmin but it will also show some cryptic device called 10-11551-00 and both must be ejected to unplug the Garmin. All other devices appear normally in Finder.

    I've only been a Mac user for a few months. This may be a common issue and everyone else knows how to fix it but I Googled and couldn't find the right article. Would appreciate some advice. Can someone please tell me how to get rid of the extra 10-11551-00 thing so only the Garmin shows up in Finder?

    Thanks for any help.


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    Garmin device shows two items in Finder
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    moved thread to "other hardware and peripherals". Doesn't belong in Schweb's Lounge.
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    Garmin device shows two items in Finder
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    Not properly ejecting the device probably corrupted the file that will normally tell the Mac/PC the device is plugged into to hide the system partition of the device's internal storage in the Finder/Explorer.

    If it's still working as it is, so long as you never modify the contents of that "10-11551-00" partition it should be fine...

    In answer to your original question, I'm not aware of any way to re-hide it; but - like I said - so long as you don't mess with it, it shouldn't matter.
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