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    My Samsung Blu-Ray
    Hi guys..

    been noobie to all things Mac I've got a problem.

    I bought a samsung SE-406AB blu ray drive. Only thing is with windows I'm use to plugging in waiting a minute hoping windows update works and bobs ur uncle. Howeer nothing has happened on my mac and the drive isn't installed.

    Anything i can do to get it to install?


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    My Samsung Blu-Ray
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    It's installed as soon as you plug it in properly.

    As to whether it's mounted or not, have you opened up Disk Utility to see if it is showing there?

    I am guessing you're waiting for it to pop up on the Desktop? Won't do that unless you have your preferences set to show it on the Desktop.

    Open up 'Finder - Preferences - General' tab and put a check next to 'CDs, DVDs and iPods'.

    Want it to show up in the sidebar of Finder - head for the same place but the 'Sidebar' tab.
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    My Samsung Blu-Ray
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    I've got a 'bare' Samsung Blu-ray drive and it does just appear on the desktop.... but it has to have a disc in it.

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    My Samsung Blu-Ray
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrplow View Post
    I've got a 'bare' Samsung Blu-ray drive and it does just appear on the desktop.... but it has to have a disc in it.
    That's the same with any external optical drive or even a USB external floppy drive.... unless there's a disk in it, it won't show on the desktop. Unlike Windows where it does show, disk or no disk.

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