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    External Monitor calibration
    Just got a new MacBook Pro with Snow Leopard and trying to calibrate an external monitor, using Apple's own calibration.

    The process starts with turning contrast to maximum, and the resulting profile is therefore very hard on the eye.... very contrasty.
    Seems to me that the process is inherently flawed... or am I being thick?

    I dont need a perfect colour profile, just something I can work with comfortably.

    Any suggestions?

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    External Monitor calibration
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    Moved to correct forum.

    Welcome to the Mac Forums.

    You didn't mention which external monitor you have. If the manufacturer has color calibration instructions, you should follow that. And of course if they provide software, by all means use it.

    The color calibration routine built into your Mac is for the internal monitor and works best for it. Calibrating an external monitor is more difficult because most manufacturers do not provide software. You may have to resort to third party software for best calibration.

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