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Thread: WD HDD issue

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    Unhappy WD HDD issue
    hi,hope for your kind inputs about my wd external hdd...
    when i plug it on my Mac book, it is not being read or recognize... please help,thanks!!

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    WD HDD issue
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    How large is the drive?

    Have you tried a connector that utilizes two USB ports (might not be getting enough power)?

    Did you check to see if it shows up in Disk Utility?

    Does it show up on any other computer you have access to?
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    Unhappy wd hdd issue
    yeah, i have a usb with two connectors, it was seen in another pc (WIN XP) but its being asked for a software driver.
    in my MAC, its not being shown in the disk utility.
    thanks for your further inputs.

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