Hi Guys,

I am recent to the Mac World I bought a iMac in February and it's been great so far.

My problem is a 16GB USB thumb drive, it works fine in WinXP computers (at work) but when I plugged it in the iMac it went wrong.

- iMac recognised the new drive, so far so good.

- I tried to copy files to the drive and it came with error, something like not enough rights or permissions (not sure about the words)

- After that I could not eject the drive and when taken to a windows OS again it was not possible to write on the drive (it seemed it's been written, but when checked the folder, the file was incomplete or corrupt).

- After formatting the USB drive it worked again but I am afraid of plugging it in the iMac.


- Do I need to install anything in the iMac to work with this drive?

I have a portable HD which I use to transfer data from work to home and it's been great, no problems at all, and it is in FAT32 too.

I tried to format the USB drive in other formats (i.e. FAT) but it was not possible. By the way, the USB drive is a generic one, no brand or marks that identifies (the marvels of ebay )

Any help will be highly appreciated,