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    Possible problems-Microtek ScanMaker i320

    I recently bought this scanner to use with my Windows desktop and PowerBook 12". It is a great scanner, but does anyone else have experience with it? My problem is that, when I use it with my PB (which is most of the time b/c I keep all my pictures in iPhoto), after scanning for a while, the scanner light will stop about 3/4 through the pass (on a preview) and the program will lock up. It locks up so bad that I have to hold the power button on my PB to force shut down (force quit doesn't kill it all the way). I have not used this enough on my Windows machine to test to see if it does it there, but I was using it tonight for about 1 hour or more and it did it. Is the Mac version of the program just buggy and causing the scanner to freeze? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Possible problems-Microtek ScanMaker i320
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    Do you use ScanWizard 5 for the scanner? I have used my Microtek Scanner on Windows and now Mac, yet I have not experienced any problems with the software on both of the platforms. Has this only been going on for one day? If so, I would restart the computer and try scanning again. Or if that does not work, I would verify/repair permissions. Or drag every Microtek scanner app to the trash and reinstall.

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    Possible problems-Microtek ScanMaker i320
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    sounds like a problem with the scanner software, I recommend using vuescan so you can scan through photoshop.

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    I am using the Scanwizard 5 v.7.16 (the newest one off of their web site). I can already scan into Photoshop using the Twain drivers from Microtek, I just wanted to see if anyone else had this problem. I have tried repairing permissions, I will have to try a full reinstall of the program. Thanks for the help.

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