as my Mac Mini has no Microphone in, I decided to by a USB Sound device.
I know that a lot of people suggest iMic, but when I had to decide between the iMic and for the ten bucks less Philips PSC805 that had SPDIF Out (optical and coxial), 5.1 output plus Mic, Line in I decided to got with the device that was told to have limited Mac support.

In words of the Philips support means "it will work under Mac OS X, but you will get no support from us".
Actually it was recognized by Mac OS X instantyl and seemed to support all features, except for a few siwtched the product has under Windows (DTS digital out).

Now I have two problems that I don't know how to solve:
1. The devices sound is distorted under Mac OS X when it's behind my USB HUB (2.0)
2. Using Garageband with voice modification gives back the same distortion (even without a HUB)

Anyone ideas how to solve it?
Can only philips solve that problem?
Do I have to "nice" one thread or task?
Would problem 1 be solved by using another USB 2.0 HUB?

If we could solve these problems there would be a very cheap (around 40) sound device with all the features one could wish for.

Greetings from germany