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    Question What criteria to look for when buying a LCD screen??


    I'm in the market to purchase a LCD screen. I was curious to know, which criteria is most important to look for?

    For starters, it must have a DVI connection. My target size is 19"-21".

    Is the contrast ratio the most important aspect? I've noticed that most 19" LCDs are around 600-800:1. But the majority of lower end 21" LCDs have a 500:1 ratio.

    Your input would be greatly appreciated :miner:



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    response time
    contrast ratio
    not neccesarily in that order matters whats ur purpose
    like if your not gaming response time isnt that big of a deal
    take a look at and and look at their reviews of lcd's

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    I look for response time
    Contrast ratio of at least 500:1
    And brightness

    For example:
    NEC MONITOR (random model #)
    Brightness: 250 cd/m2
    Contrast Ratio: 500 : 1
    Response Time: 25 ms

    SAMSUNG (random model #)
    Brightness: 260 cd/m2
    Contrast Ratio: 1000 : 1
    Response Time: 25 ms

    HYUNDAI (Image Quest)
    Brightness: 300 cd/m2
    Contrast Ratio: 700:1
    Response Time: 8ms

    Things to look for when you're buying:
    Try to get a LCD monitor that has a resolution above 1024 x 768 pixels, and that also has a DVI input.

    You should also look for a monitor with a low pixel response time, which is the number of milliseconds it takes for the pixel on the screen to change for the next image. (now that Hyundai seems almost too good to be true given it's branding and basically it's severe difference in pixel rate opposed to two other brands that we kind of know---so find some reviews first).

    Also, not 100% important since you won't be hanging out on the side of your monitor much when you're working, but try have the widest viewing angle possible so anyone looking at your screen from the side can get an undistorted view.

    If you're looking for a 19" here is an option, but priced higher due to branding. I think you can find these specs for about 100 less if you look.
    Model# VP191b
    Panel Type: TFT Active Matrix LCD --- Typical.
    Native Resolution: SXGA (1280 x 1024) -- Not OMG fantastic! But not all that bad. I had a 19" CRT and I ran 1600x1200 to get the extra screen space. I'd say this was a good res but I may have seen better on a Sony.)
    Pixel Pitch: 0.294 mm (not bad at all. Pixel Pitch is the measurement of the smallest bit of data in a video image. The smaller the size of the pixels in an image, the greater the resolution. So in this case, I'd say this is real decent.)
    Brightness: 250 cd/m2 (I've seen brighter and honestly I too am confused about the Hyundai's 1000 cd/m2 bull****)
    Contrast Ratio: 700 : 1 (I was told and I've read anything over 500:1 is good, 700:1 is like frosting on the already moist cake)
    Response Time: 16 ms (I would say this is good, probably one of the best I've seen that I could trust --- unlike Hyundai)
    View Angle: 170 / 170 (Horizontal / Vertical) This seems rather standard among all monitors I've ever looked at.
    Input Connectors: 15-pin D-sub x 2, Digital DVI-D (you want DVI for sure if you have a powerbook....there is nothing else, but Apple does provide you with an adaptor if you buy the pbook new).

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    Don't take specs as an abosolute deciding factor on whether or not an LCD is good. LCDs with similar specs can look different in person, I would try to look at an LCD before you buy it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mynameis
    Don't take specs as an abosolute deciding factor on whether or not an LCD is good. LCDs with similar specs can look different in person, I would try to look at an LCD before you buy it.
    That's good point. It's nearly impossible to make decision based simply on specs. I think pricegrabber pulled close to a 100 LCDs, which fit my criteria.

    I actually narrowed it down to two choices. Just curious to see if anyone has any personal preferences between the two...

    I actually have this LCD. It's a great LCD, but I wanted to get something a bit bigger. Not sure if I would be jeopardizing the quality of the picture...

    Finally this one from Samsung. The specs aren't as good.

    Just curious to know if anyone would have a recommendation....



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    Also check warranties for dead pixels...

    I bought a super-budget own-brand 17" TFT for 150 (inc P&P) and when it got here it had a dead pixel. The retailers' warranty stated that a panel had to have 6+ dead pixels to be considered faulty and worthy of a replacement. The manufacturer's warranty in the box stated 10+ to be faulty!

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