Thanks for reading.

I have just bought a Kensington Wireless Presenter With Laserpointer and I'm testing it with a Mac Pro. When I plug in the USB receiver, OS X thinks I'm connecting a wireless keyboard and asks me to click on a button the remote control doesn't have. So I aborted the dialog and now the Left and Right Button work but the Stop Button doesn't and the Laserpointer Button plays an annoying sound everytime I click it (the OS X No-Can-Do Sound), when it should do nothing.

The device came without any drivers and is supposed to work without any drivers. Now I'm wondering

1. How can I change the behaviour and

2. Where are the settings stored that OS X gave it and how can I delete them?

Thank you very much for your help I hope I'll figure this out until friday when I'd like to use it for a presentation on a MacBook.

Machine for testing: Mac Pro OS 10.5.7