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    Share screen with a Projector and Macbook
    I bought the connector for the MacBook to connect to dvi and a dvi converter to VGA and connected it to my projector and did the detect and shared screen, but it won't come up on the projector and I also tried a tv with vga in and still the same problem. Anyone know a trick for MacBooks and external sources for viewing?

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    Share screen with a Projector and Macbook
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    Should work. MacBook DVI output via a mini DVI to VGA converter and then a normal VGA cable to either the projector or the TV.

    Your MacBook should detect the projector or TV (whichever you're using) and then it should set the correct native resolution. For example: My projector will not go any higher than 1024 x 768. After that set your MacBook display option to mirror mode and you should be good to go.


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