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    Problems with Canon 4400F, Photo studio and Canon Scan tool box...please help
    Hey everyone,

    I am a new member and am hoping someone can help me out.

    I am posting this question for a friend who had some issues with his new scanner. I have tried to help him figure out the problem, but I am unable to solve it, so I was hoping some of the experts here could help me out.

    Scanner: Canon 4400F
    Running on: Imac version 10.5.6

    My friend installed the scanner (along with the included software on the CD, the scanner driver, canon scan tool and a program called Photo studio).
    He began scanning, without any problems.
    He would scan the image, it would automatically open in Photo studio as a preview so he could adjust the borders and crop and then he would save it to the desktop as a Jpg.

    After scanning a few images he tried to post them on a photo hosting website and all of the sites he tried could not recognize the file type. (Including flickr, photobucket and imageshack).

    Whenever I click on the photos on the desktop they open in Photo studio, so I have to manually change them to open in Preview.
    They say they are JPG files, but I don't understand why this would happen, and why websites are unable to recognize the file types.

    I decided reinstall the scanner (this time only installing the driver and Canon scan tool box. I decided to leave out Photo Studio to see what would happen).

    I was then able to scan a photo, only after I scanned the image there was no way to preview or adjust the borders. It would just scan the image with no preview and save directly to the desktop.
    I was able to upload this photo to a website, but it was really annoying as I could not adjust the borders and crop the image before the final scan was done.
    (Is there a way to do this in the Canon scan tool box that I am missing?)

    I reinstalled the scanner again, this time with Photo studio, and ran into the same problem I started with, where I could preview the image before the scan, but am unable to post it on a photo hosting website afterwards.

    My friend only want to scan his old photos, and has no interest in editing them. He just wants something simple, where he can scan and post the photos to the internet.

    Can anyone help resolve this issue, am I missing something about a preview in the Canon scan tool box or could you suggest an easier more user friendly scanner to purchase instead?

    Any help is greatly appreciated

    Thanks in advance,

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    Problems with Canon 4400F, Photo studio and Canon Scan tool box...please help

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    Follow this conversation on Flickr. Flickr: The Help Forum: Uploading weirdness. Especially what staff of flikr say. If you email a picture to them they will propably find out whats wrong.

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    Did you ever solve this problem? I also want to edit my scans with PhotoStudio but save a version as a jpeg which opens in Preview without dragging all the PhotoStudio Software with it. Flickr won't upload PhotoStudio files. I have saved the scan to my desktop them imported it to IPhoto then export back to the desktop which removed the PhotoStudio software. That's a drag - especially since PS gives you the option to choose what type of file you want to save it in. Please let me know if you found out how to save as a straight jpg.

    p.s. ArcSoft offered to tell me how to do it - for $10.00!!!!!

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