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    External hard drive "freezes" when streaming music from iTunes

    recently I bought the Seagate Freeagent desktop 500gb USB 2.0 (the middle of these three drives) FreeAgent Classic: Pro/Desktop/Go USB 2.0 Portable/External Hard Drive | Seagate

    I re-directed my i tunes library to run directly from the harddrive (I use a MACBOOK) following advice i found online, that worked fine. However when i play the songs on i tunes, they "freeze" mid-song as if i were streaming online and it were pausing to re-buffer.

    I am a music Teacher and need to play songs from my macbook to my students.

    I can't find any problems of this sort online so i am reaching out for help!!



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    External hard drive "freezes" when streaming music from iTunes
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    Is the USB drive bus-powered or mains-powered? If the former, you may be experiencing lack of power to the drive, thereby causing data transfer to freeze. Laptop Macs just don't deliver enough USB power to high demand devices. The solution is a mains or battery-powered USB2 hub, preferably one with one or two high power (1000 mA) ports.

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