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    Running Scsi cdrom on LCII

    I have a old LCII laying around, and today i started to mess around with it and I wanted to upgrade it to os 7.5.3 but i have to make 18 floppys to install it and i dont have another mac just pc's so i tried making a few of the floppys follow instructions sites gave me, and I have had no luck so i was thinking when i opened it up earlier today i saw it had a scsi hard drive so i was thinking if i could get a scsi cdrom and get a scsi cable that has master and slave on it and use the cdrom to boot and install things. Can anyone tell me if this would work or not.

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    Running Scsi cdrom on LCII
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    Yes, it will work. I had that setup on a Quadra 605.

    The SCSI isn't recognized by master and slave. Each device is given an ID from 0 to 7. Your internal scsi drive will already be set to 0. Make sure that the external scsi device is not set to 0 and that it is terminated.
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