Now that Mac-Forums' IRC channel, #Mac-Forums, is starting to become popular on a regular basis we wanted to take the opportunity to spell out the rules of the channel:

- All Forum Rules also apply in the channel. The exception will be around the profanity rule. We will allow mild profanity in the channel, but keep it under control.

- Op Status: Operator status is reserved for the mods of alone.

- Voice: Voice status is given to those members who are active in the channel and are not only positive influences in the channel but also on DO NOT ask for voice, you will be granted voice once the mods see fit. In order to be added to the voice list you MUST register your nick with Freenode. Once you're added to the list, chanserv will auto-voice you when you enter the channel after logging in.

- Registering is not mandatory, but it is a requirement to be on the auto-voice list with chanserv. There is no way around it, it's how Freenode's service works. However you can continue to participate without registering your nick without any problem.

- Impersonating the nick of an op or another user or creating any variant thereof is grounds for immediate banning on the channel and the forums.

- The ops in the channel reserve the right to modify any of the rules as they deem appropriate at any time.

By joining the channel you are agreeing to abide by these rules.