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    Leopard and Mbox
    i am currently trying to use my Mbox as my interface with Ableton Live 5.0. I know i need to install the audio driver update on Leopard, however it seems that i am not able to do so becuase Protools is not yet compatable with Leopard. Is there any way around this/ Can i get the audio driver and bypass compatabiltity with pro-tools?

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    my friend who has leopard has gotten protools working. i don't know if he has an mbox, but i am getting an mbox 2 and protools. my career at school depends on me getting protools working. once i figure it out, i will post it here

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    Leopard and Mbox

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    Last time i checked (31st of December) the Mbox and Pro Tools wouldn't work on Leopard. I had to downgrade back to Tiger to get them working. The Mbox might work by itself just as an interface but i know for a fact that Pro Tools won't run on Leopard yet.

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    Leopard and Mbox

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    That's strange, today I bought my new Mbox 2 Pro and I'm running Pro Tools 7.3 through Leopard with no problem...

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