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    Recording A Radio Concert
    My son is in a Christmas concert and would like to record it on my new mac,is this possible ?? It`s the new 24 inch desk top mac.thanks

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    Recording A Radio Concert
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    Yes it is entirely possible. You said it is a "radio concert".. Can you play the concert through your Mac? If so, use a program like Wire Tap Pro or one like Radio Lover.. There are quite a few that will do the job of recording any audio that is being played through the computers sound system.

    If you can't actually play the concert through the computer then you will need a mic to record with and use a program like audicity or Amadeus to record and edit with.
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    Recording A Radio Concert

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    be clearer!

    you'd like to record it on your computer? as in, at the venue? while he's playing? You'd have to take your Mac to the place where he's playing the concert, and set up a microphone or two and record into a bit of software like GarageBand, Logic, or something similar.

    Can you explain 'Radio Concert' please.

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