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    Distortion on audio through onboard sound

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    Distortion on audio through onboard sound
    This one has me stumped.

    I have my iMac connected up to an Audio Interface (Audient iD22) and have a pair of Active Near Field monitors connected to the iD22.
    I also have a pair of JBL 2.1 speakers connected to the headphone output of the iMac.

    If I load a music track into Logic Pro X and play it through the iD22 it sounds fab no problems at all.
    If I load the same track into iTunes, set the iMac to use the iD22 as the playback device in System Preferences and play it, on some frequencies I get distortion.

    It's not just one track that is affected but lots and all sound 100% when played in Logic or in Adobe Audition or any other application.

    If I do a side by side comparison, the output from iTunes is definitely higher, hence the distortion, but I've disabled Sound Enhancer and Sound Check isn't enabled anyway and there aren't any controls in System Preferences to control the level going to the iD22.

    What is even more weird is that previously I used to listen to iTunes over my Hi-Fi via an Airport Express and that never had any distortion.

    Even if I lower the volume in iTunes the sound is distorted and I've just found that if I use the onboard sound card it's distorted as well over my JBL 2.1 speakers.

    So essentially the output gain of iTunes is too high but there is no way of altering it as far as I can see. Anyone know of a solution?

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    Distortion on audio through onboard sound
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    Have you checked the iTunes Equalizer, in iTunes, select Window > Equalizer in the top Menu bar?
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