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    Connecting MIDI Keyboard Controller
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    Connecting MIDI Keyboard Controller
    Hello guys,

    I have a new Keystation Mini 32 MK3 USB keyboard which, according to M-Audio [manufacturer], is plug n' play on Mojave, which I run on the Air. However, the thing just doesn't connect to the Mac. I've watched countless online videos and whatnot, and I ran through the troubleshooting on the M-Audio site [which does not even provide drivers for iOS 10.14 as the keyboard does not need them]. All videos online show people happily plugging this thing in and playing away. Mine's dead and the MIDI Audio set-up does not present me with the connectors on the IAC Driver as it does for the keyboard itself [I am trying to add a screenshot but it does not show up; I understand the two must be connected, or 'cabled', in the fashion of connecting shapes in Visio]. Does anyone know how to solve this? Thanks so much,

    Cogito, ergo lectito.

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    Connecting MIDI Keyboard Controller
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    You might want to try plugging this keyboard to another computer to at least confirm that the keyboard itself is not dead.

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    Connecting MIDI Keyboard Controller
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    Does anyone know how to solve this? ...

    No I don't but it does sound like it should be just plug-and-play almost.

    Did you try using the ProTools as they suggest?:
    How do I set up my Keystation Mini 32 MK3 with Pro Tools | First?

    If nothing else maybe try even reselling it:
    How do I perform a factory reset? at the same URL.

    Or try as Ashwin has suggested.

    Does the keyboard show up anywhere in the list of USB stuff in System Information? Select Apple (menu) and press and hold option key > System Information.

    Does the keyboard have a hidden On/off switch anywhere like Apple likes to do, that needs to be turned on???

    Maybe try a Google search such as:
    Keystation Mini 32 MK3 USB keyboard mac mojave
    Keystation Mini 32 MK3 USB keyboard mac mojave - Google Search

    Maybe there will be some suggestions or hints from the people with the same problem with that keyboard.

    BTW: What application(s) are you using or tried with the keyboard.

    Do any of the Sustain, Edit, and Oct/Data buttons illuminate on the keyboard??

    Is it plugged into a USB port on your Mac? Not a USB hub???

    - Patrick
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