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    URL does not work in itunes
    Hi! The mp3 podcasts I want are not in the Itunes 'store'. I therefore copied the website URL and pasted it into Itunes. No podcasts were automatically transferred and if I click ('refresh') the URL in Itunes, nothing happens. How do I 'populate' it with the podcasts?
    thanks in advance.

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    URL does not work in itunes
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    Hi and welcome.

    I'm linking you to two articles which may help?

    My research seems to indicate two problems: 1. the podcast must be compatible with iTunes and 2. If you use the URL, that might work, but you have to select it > Get Info > Designate it as a Podcast.

    In each of the links, scroll right the way through to see which of the answers might serve you best.

    Please post back.


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    Ian thanks. The mp3 files are compatible with Itunes (download file to desktop - right click open with Itunes). Unfortunately, nothing in the articles seemed relevant.
    Dragging the podcast into the URL does not work (they bounce back) and there is no folder under Finder - Music to drag the podcasts into
    I seem to have a problem which is not supposed to exist.
    thanks again; Philip

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