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    To say that I am a little pissed is not saying enough
    Apple and the programers that work for it, continue to make apps harder to use
    Yes I know some of you a geniuses , but not all of us are.
    Itune or
    Last night I downloaded some "holloween music" for a kids party
    then I spend hours trying to get that music into Itunes,
    so now I have a folder that says "holloween music"
    Now I want to transfer to my Iphone.. I've done the sinc 2 or 3 times.
    and in my Iphone there is still no "holloween music" folder..
    I don't play music often from my Iphone... but come on, can't that just program these
    apps to be easy...
    I have heard many people tell me how Itunes is getting harder to use and in fact
    by reading on the net there are so many "different" ways to transfer folders or music, and not
    for the Iphone, but for each updated IOS..
    I am sure if I looked I could find a third party app that works better then ITunes it's just not something
    I do all the time...
    OK, thats my rant...
    BTW I went to\support and asked this question "how to use Itunes on Iphone 6"
    and I did not get one answer to that simple question. Oh there were dozens of answers but not one
    for a basic understanding of how to use Itunes...

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    It will also help, if you tell us the OS versions of the pc, and the iPhone 6? Be as specific as possible? These will help.
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    I go through this process during Christmas time to load my iPod Nano with that music so I can play it. My process when doing this for the first time is the following

    - Open Itunes
    - Choose File->Import and select the folder that contains my music
    - With the "Music" selected I see Library and Music Playlists on the left. I now right click below the Music Playlists and choose Create Playlist. I name it Christmas Music
    - I now click on Recently Added and select all of the music I just imported. Once selected, I right click and choose Add to Playlist and choose Christmas Music
    - I can now click on the Christmas Music playlist on the left and get the same music listed.

    My work of getting music into iTunes is now done.

    I now plug in my iPod Nano and wait for it to be detected. Once detected, I do the following to remove all the music on it:

    - Click on the iPod icon to select the device
    - Click on Music in the left sidebar and uncheck all the existing playlists
    - Click Sync to force it to sync nothing, thus removing all the songs.

    Now to just get the Christmas music on there:

    - On the iPod Music page where I deleted all the music, I once again click Sync music and choose the option to say selected playlist/songs only.
    - I select the Christmas Music playlist and wait for iTunes to tell me how much of my iPod will be filled up with music.
    - I click Sync and wait for the music to transfer.

    None of these steps are complicated or hard to follow. Truth be told, I've been using these steps with iTunes for as long as I can remember.

    The only change I have with my normal music habits is that instead of a static playlist, I have a smart playlist that spans my entire album. That smart playlist is set to exclude all seasonal and occasionally used music and then I've applied a number of filters like play count, rating and recently played. With these filters, every time I sync my iPod, I get a new set of songs and variety to listen to.

    If any of this is confusing, please specify which step and I or others will elaborate further.

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    Such patience & understanding, Ashwin. A mini tutorial. I hope member sandman is successful in reproducing your experience.

    It's not difficult when you know how, but it can be daunting to first timers trying to work something out.

    That's why we are here.


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    At Ashwin I do something similar but use a Smart Playlist that readds the Comments field of my tracks. As I add new tracks I add a keyword to any tracks I might want to add for situations like Christmas etc. I can then push that Smart Playlist to the phone/iPad/iPod as needed.

    @Sandman With recent versions of iTunes you can push music o the phone by doing the following. I will assume you are in album view but you don't have to be for this to work.
    1. Select an album and click it to show the tracks.
    2.. Select a track and press Command A to select all tracks in that album.
    3. Right click the selected tracks and look for an option that says something like Send to Phone.
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    No doubt if Sandman had done what Apple would have liked him to do, ie download the music from Apple Music using the Apple Music app on his iPhone, all of his time and effort could have been avoided.
    It's our old world mentality that tells us we can do better if we download the files from somewhere else (for free maybe) save them to our computer, translate their format to some format compatible with our portable device (with another app) then transfer the files to the app on the portable device we want to use/play/view them on via USB sync.
    This is not what the industry intends/expects us to do today. It's certainly what I used to do, there really was no other way back then but it's not what I would suggest today. Today I would just use Spotify, save the music as a playlist on my iPhone for offline use, but then I have a subscription. The point I'm making is that if you want to use an old "analogue" method then you need to keep up with the technology most users these days don't bother and those that do are labelled as geeks.
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    You can also select the folder with the new music files in it and drag/drop it onto the iTunes icon. That will import the music. Then in iTunes click "Recently Added" under "Library", select your new songs as a group, either with shift/click or option/click, the click File > New > Playlist from Selection. Rename the new playlist. Done.

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