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    Garbled sound on Thunderbolt display under El Capitan
    The sound on my Thunderbolt display starts fine, but becomes garbled after a few minutes. Once it's garbled, it stays garbled until I stop the stream. Shifting the sound back to the internal speakers fixes it on the internals, but as soon as I go back to the Thunderbolt display the garble starts up again. I can't figure out what to try, what settings to use. I "clean installed" El Cap, did a restore from a clone to get my data when I moved to El Cap. I didn't have the problem on Yosemite.

    Is it just me or has anyone else seen this?

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    Garbled sound on Thunderbolt display under El Capitan
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    It's just you. Seriously though I am feeding sound from my 2013 Mac Pro through Thunderbolt to a 4 K monitor and the sound seems fine.

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    It is not just me. I did find some threads at various sites about garbled sound. The only solution suggested was to reduce the number of USB devices, which is not really a "solution" but a workaround. But I haven't added any USB devices since moving to El Cap and the sound was fine in Yosemite, so unless Apple changed something you wouldn't think that was the problem.

    One thought: I have the standard power/TB cable between the monitor and the MBP, plus I have a Belkin Thunderbolt Dock chained off the monitor. I wonder if I reversed that order it would work? That is, plug the dock directly to the MBP, then chain the monitor off the Dock. Any thoughts, anyone?

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