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    transfer itunes library
    not sure if im in the right section but here goes. i want to transfer my itunes library form my 2006 macpro desktop with lion to my wifes new 2006 macbook pro with snowleopard. ive tried migration assistant but it says i cant transfer because snow leopard is a older version that what im transferring from. thinking about it that makes sense. but there has to be a way without upgrading to lion, which might not be a bad thing, but i figure it might be done. ive already made a copy of all my songs and put in a folder which i can simply put in snowleopard, but then they will have to be organized again. any suggestions.

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    transfer itunes library
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    transfer itunes library
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    Here's what I'd do since I'm assuming you want to clone your library rather than simply sharing it over a network:

    Copy your entire iTunes folder and transfer it to the Music folder on the other computer. If you run into a problem opening iTunes, then follow these instructions to downgrade the iTunes Library.itl file. Alternatively you can download a new version of iTunes if it's compatible.

    Because snow leopard is an older OS, it's possible you may not be able to update iTunes to the current version, in which case you'd be looking at downgrading. If iTunes doesn't automatically recognize your iTunes library folder, then start up iTunes while holding down option and choose the folder manually.

    Note that iTunes will recognize your library folder as the IDENTICAL library as the computer it started on. Even iPods and iOS devices that were set to automatically sync with the library will still work.

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    well i just copied it to a flash drive and installed. ill have to go threw them and sort them back out, oh well something to do.

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