Hello everyone!

I recently bought a Roland A-800 Pro and I'm having problems playing with it on GarageBand. (This is my first midi keyboard)

I followed everything in the manual and I set up what was needed in the "Audio Midi Setup", and in the preferences of GarageBand, it says "3 MIDI Input(s) detected" in the MIDI Status.

I know the drivers are (should be) properly installed because it actually worked a couple of times already and I recorded a song but I really don't know how it worked then and why it's not working most of the time I try to play. I first connect the keyboard to the laptop, open GarageBand, then open the keyboard, that is the correct process, right?

It says in the manual that if I want to enter "Play Mode", I press the SHIFT button and then the SPLIT button or by pressing the ACT and "Left Arrow" Button simultaneously. When I do that, the LED Screen shows "MIDI CH" which is what it showed when I got it working. However, no sounds comes out when I do that even though I can see the Velocity sensitivity on the LED screen when I press on any key.

Sometimes when I open the Keyboard it detects the 3 Inputs and then right after when I press okay, it says "0 Inputs detected". What's that about??

I don't know if this is relevant but I even tried turning OMNI off. It's really frustrating that I can't play it!

Should I reinstall the driver or am I doing some sort of silly mistake??

Thank you very much for your time and help