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    Logic Pro Studio - Midi controllers (Music Production)

    I have a mac mini and am using Logic Pro Studio and i am now looking for a midi keyboard controller but not really sure what are the best to use and if all are compatible. What i need answering is the following:

    Are there any models out there which will not work with Logic Pro Studio or are most compatible.


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    Logic Pro Studio - Midi controllers (Music Production)
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    Most should work, as long as the correct drivers are installed..

    I'm a huge fan of M-Audio's products.. I used to have an Axiom 49 that worked great. Mind you, I never used it with Logic (was using Garageband/Ableton Live at the time), but knowing M-Audio, their hardware is compatible with all the big DAW's.

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    You should be fine. I have never seen a midi controller that wouldn't work with a particular DAW. I too like M-Audio's stuff, but Novation makes some very nice controllers that enable you to use their AutoMap software.
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    Logic Pro Studio - Midi controllers (Music Production)
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    The main issue with MIDI controllers is making sure you frequently update the firmware and drivers from the manufacturers website.
    This will ensure stability of using the hardware with your software.
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