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    iTunes Library on a Time capsule - iTunes keeps reverting to default location....
    Hi, I wondered if anyone can shed light / ideas as to why my iTunes library keeps reverting to the default location? I have setup my library on a time capsule. I've changed the iTunes preferences to use the path to the TC. At this point all works as expected. When I next boot and open iTunes, the library location reverts back to the default local path. My only thought on this is that the TC is not mounted on my desktop and therefore iTunes can't see it when it opens and reverts to its default. Does anyone have a work around or fix for this? Any help / suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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    You've correctly identified the problem -- iTunes can only use libraries it can mount. If the TC isn't mounted at startup, well guess what.

    So you have to come up with some way to mount the TC on startup and make sure it's there before you launch iTunes. Give us some system details and maybe someone more experienced with TC than I can help you from there.

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    Great - Thanks for your reply Chas, I will add the TC to start-up items and trial it.

    Thank you

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