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    Get stream urls out of itunes (how?)
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    Get stream urls out of itunes (how?)
    I run a PC with linux in a sound booth for entertainment and ambience during events and film screenings.

    I would like the same internet radio stream list that is in iTunes on my Mac on the linux machine.

    Is there any way I can get that url list somewhere in iTune's application folder or elsewhere.

    The music player on the linux machine will allow me to copy and past a list of urls.

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    That's going to be quite a long list, if you include the duplicates of the stations at their various bitrates!

    To the best of my knowledge, there's no way to generate a single list of all those stations in iTunes, however you CAN copy and paste the data from stations individually. Just open up iTunes, go to Radio, select a station (single click) and then "get info" (cmd-I) on it. At the bottom of the info page will be the URL info you need.

    Here's an example from my "home" station, the awesome WPRK in Winter Park, FL -- a great college station I still participate in whenever I'm in town:

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