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    cheap and cheerful audio interface for macbook pro
    Hey all - I have a macbookpro 13" (2010) model and went to use garageband... the mini jack option seems to be a pain to use and not the best sound quality. I was considering buying a Behringer FCA202 F-Control Audio FireWire Interface but not sure it will do everything I need.

    All I want to do is
    - direct plug in for guitar, keys and bass
    - plug in mic for vocals and recording guitar > amp > mic
    - midi is a nice to have, but I have never used this and can use existing USB (I guess)

    If I buy the Behringer, do i need any other equipment?

    Really appreciate it

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    cheap and cheerful audio interface for macbook pro
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    IMO... If you going to hook up a mic, guitar, keyboard and bass with that interface you will definitely need an external mixer to handle all the inputs all at once. The FCA202F only has basically 2 inputs.
    There are plenty of other interfaces that have more than enough inputs and MIDI for your needs but cost a bit more ($400-$1000) with better analog to digital/digital to analog (AD/DA) convertor rates.
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    Yes. As JUKE said, If you want to record all of the instruments at once, you would want some sort of external gear to mix down to the 2 inputs. If you are recording 1 track at a time, you can use something like an Apogee One with a Built in Mic, Mic Input and a Line In Put. Apogee One and GarageBand (I just mentioned this in a different post!) Apogee Makes great products that work well/easily with Macs. Also Check out PreSonus PreSonus

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