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    How to record a band guitar, drums voice etc on garage band and what equipment i need
    Im in a band and i want to know how to record my band which consists of 2 voices 1 guitarist 1 bass guitarist and 1 drummer on garage band 08 version not 09 because i havnt got it yet.

    I also would like to know what equipment i need like inputs without using the microphone on my mac book

    thanks if you reply


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    Recording is a very simple thing if you know what you're doing. To start off, you are going to need something called an interface. It simply coverts the analog signal that you microphone or other instruments output and converts it to digital signal. They're fairly cheap but can get very expensive. The cheapest one out there that I like and find of quality would be a lexicon alpha which runs at $70. The next step up which has more mic inputs and phantom power which i will explain later. Anyway, the next interface up from the alpha is called the lamda which I would recommend getting because it has phantom power, and two microphone inputs. These interfaces come with a USB connection to your computer as well so your computer can find it and it is also powered by your computer.

    Next you need to get a microphone. Now there are several microphone to choose from. I would recommend a condenser microphone for vocals because they're are really sensitive and they pick up the detail of your voice very well. If you want to put a microphone up to an amplifier for a guitar amplifier or bass, then you will probably want to use a dynamic microphone.

    Also phantom power is like a tickle of electricity needed to power condenser microphones.

    Here are some links to which are good audio equipment .
    Interface-(Lexicon Lamda)-

    Condenser microphone(for vocals)-

    Dynamic microphone(Guitar amplifier)-

    These links once again are to Guitar Center and you can look around on the website for more stuff too. Also if you need more description on home recording, there are several youtube videos on it. Good luck on recording !

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    Thanks that helped a lot gonna look this equipment up now .

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    How to record a band guitar, drums voice etc on garage band and what equipment i need
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    Unless your band already has a sound system--ie a central "sound board" where you route everything. Then just tie into it. If you have your buddies all sitting in the garage with their own amps and no mics, yes, you're going to spend some money.

    Think about what you want long-term. Try to set yourself up for your longer-term goals. (ie--are we going to go play a gig?)

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    yeah we are thanks

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    Hi Olihax.

    You need to think hard about why you're recording and what you hope to achieve.

    If you just want to mess around in your mate's back room, then by all means accumulate bits of equipment as and when you can afford them (the interface and mics first, obviously) and improve your skills as you go.

    If you want a usable demo that you can send copies of to venues in order to get gigs then save your money and go into a professional studio for a weekend.

    For £500 you can get next to nothing in the way of genuinely useful, quality kit, and even when you do have the equipment you're going to need an awful lot of practice and patience before you have the skills to get good sounding results.
    For £500 you can get a couple of days in a pretty good studio with someone who records bands for a living and get maybe a couple of fairly well polished songs as a result.

    Don't let me put you off though.
    People who want to get into recording need to start somewhere, and if they didn't there wouldn't be the studios for those more lazy amongst us to use.

    Aaaaaaaand, probably a better place to ask this question would be in a music recording forum.
    Go somewhere like Sound on Sound and I promise you'll get ten times as much information and it will all be 10 times more accurate and useful (no offense to the so far wonderful answers in here, but I'd send people asking Mac questions on the Sound on Sound forum here for the same reason).

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    thanks man sound on sound time

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