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    Exclamation Garageband '09 guitar recording problems
    So just today I started to record a song I was working on and then deleted it, and when I clicked record the volume meter I noticed was wasn't picking up the guitar. Just like that it stopped working. I've tried all of the guitar cords in my house (6-7) and none of them worked at all. I checked if it was the guitar transmitter no problems, but didn't work at all. I tried another new transmitter no problems, but again didn't work at all! The guitar is fine so is the input aswell as the guitar cords. I checked the audio/midi settings and everything was set the way I wanted it. Still nothing changed. I went back and changed the audio/midi then changed back. Nothing happened. So if someone could PLEASE PLEASE help I would be sooooooo appreciative!!! Thanks!!

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    my best answer for you would be to start over. create a new project, create a "Real Instrument" project. GarageBand>Preferences>Audio/Midi>Built-in Input. turn your Monitor on to hear what you're playing. record. use the Guitar effects to get the sound you want. I have also found that some Amp cables send a lil extra static, and I have no idea why, I have even captured some Spanish announcements on a song through the guitar track, lucky for us it was a good addition to the track. I have switched the Cable out for a Stereo Cable with a 1/4 adapter. then select the Mono Built-in Input 1, to record the Guitar with crisp sound. I have decided against the Amps and Stompboxes, I have no need for them. the Real Instrument Tracks do the same in my opinion, and I feel more in control with the different effects that I choose to put on.

    I hope that you get your GarageBand back up, I don't know what I'd do with out mine...
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