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    Connecting to Garage Band Problem
    I am following all steps to setup connection from my guitar to garage band. I'm not able to record hear when i play. i'm connecting guitar straight to input of mac via 1/8" adapter and following all the instructions to create new track and setup of 'real instrument', yet not able to record or hear anything. Any ideas for this rookie??


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    ok, using the 'Real Instrument' Track, make sure your selected recording source is Built-In Input Mono 1, which would be Left. make sure your guitar is turned up, the input is turned up, and the monitor level is turned on, (I prefer the NO feedback option, but you will need Headphones)

    I'm not claiming that that should work, but it would definitely set the track to record a guitar. Make sure that your preferences are set... Garageband>Preferences>Audio & Media> Select Built-In Input. I have never experienced any problems with not recording a guitar, Especially with an Electric Guitar track selected. Selecting a guitar track from the beginning of a new project will change these setting automatically, try that out...
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