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    Wanting my fist mac
    Hi I have been a windows user before now but after using a Mac at my school with logic I am extremely interested but I do have a few questions that i have been struggling to find answers to. I am primarily interested in a MB but might consider a MBP if i think it will make a huge difference. I mainly want to use it for logic express 9

    1. What sort of processor speeds should I go for I mean is the difference between a 2.0 GHz or 2.4 GHz really substantial.

    2. Is 2 gigs of ram enough or should I spring for 4.

    3.Most of the books I have read clearly state that 2 HDDs are a must for audio but the only way I can see that possible is a MP(well out of my price range). If I were to export completed projects to an external HDD would that make it still work well.

    4.Is it possible to get 2 screens running from one MB (1 displaying the same as the MB screen and one displaying something else)

    5. Are there any decent docking stations?

    6. If I could afford it would an I Mac be significantly better but the portability would be good

    7. It is a good idea to not connect it to the internet to stop it getting clogged up? I plan on keeping it for a long time and dont want it to get clogged up meaning it becomes less good for my audio needs

    8. I have herd about dual boots but again I am really worried about performance dose it take away from the performance

    sorry if it seems like a bit of a rant interested in any help out there. thank you for you time

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    Wanting my fist mac
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    1. There is not a big difference between 2.0 and 2.4GHz.

    2. Depends what you are doing but I find that 2 GB of Ram is mostly more than enough.

    4. It is very possible, all you need is the proper adapter.

    5. There are plenty of quality docking stations. Just google them or go to - Computer Parts, PC Components, Laptop Computers, Digital Cameras and more!

    6. Being able to take your work anywhere is nice. This aspect is really up to you.

    7. The internet will not have an effect on OSX. Nothing internet wise will compromise the productivity of your Mac.
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    Wanting my fist mac
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    3. you shouldn't need 2 hard disks to do audio, but a second hard disk is always a good idea, an external USB2 drive it perfectly adequate

    4. Is the set-up I have when at home, using the Macbook display as a second monitor

    8. You only need a dual boot option if you want to run windows, and apart from taking up disk space has no performance hit on OSX itself
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    thank you for the replays but I still cant seem to find any docking stations I want it to have all the connections for two screens interface ect??

    oh and how impotent 7200 rpm HDD when it come to producing audio?

    thanks again

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