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    Logic 8/Studio Won't Install Onto my External HD
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    Unhappy Logic 8/Studio Won't Install Onto my External HD
    Anyone had this problem??
    The error message I get is "You Cannot Install Logic Studios on This Volume. This Software Must Be Installed On the Running System."

    The thing is I've never had problems installing any other programs on my external HD. I have CS3 Running on it, and I didn't have any problems installing that onto the HD.

    My External HD is a couple years old now, which I thought could be a problem I suppose? But Before I Decide I need to Go Spend More Money On New Stuff I'm Hoping Someone Might Be Able to Help Me.
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    I'm afraid you can't install logic on an external drive, it wants to be on the internal one. You can install it on to an external bootable drive however. But it's not anything wrong with your external drive, so don't go wasting your money on a new one.
    Hope this has helped.

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