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    Guitar Recording Into Garageband
    maybe this have been posted but i got this problem

    I use a mackie 16 channel mixer to record my guitar amp through 2 mics, milking them through a 1/8 adapter to the mic input in my mac.

    but when i'm finished and done editing it only goes to 6.0db (and i have try this with garageband form Ilife'06, '08 and 09)

    I got some issues with the quality but even more issues with it sounding so low, drums sound decent, the bass and the vocals too, but the guitar, it's painful....any advice?

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    Hook the Guitar up to the computer. skip the mixer. when you are going to record the guitar, click the "+" (Add new track) and select Guitar. when the track is created you will be able to switch the sound of the built-in amp and the stomp-boxes...

    Record everything separately, to get the best sound... plug the amp cord from the guitar/bass to the computer and Mic the drums. before hitting record, use the monitor to see what your recording levels are going to sound like. I would recommend un-checking the Auto-Level.

    Have fun.
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