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Thread: Rap beats

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    Rap beats
    What's a good software to make rap beats? Garage Band, even with all jam packs, doesn't really do it for me. Any other suggestions?

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    Rap beats
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    Try Reason or Obsession

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    Any freeware programs or addons to garageband to make it easier so I wouldn't have to go about a learning a new software?

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    This is very interesting. A fw of my friends use reason to make beats but find it hard to use and cant get on with it. So their beats arent that good. I tend to use beats that you can buy like loopmasters then use those.

    I also get quite a few beats from rapbeats 247 - Download Hip Hop Beats They gotta links to sum nice beats - Neptunes, West Coast, Miami beats. Its pretty good.

    Im thinking of trying Reason

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    Rap beats

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    i use protools and garageband for mine

    Arty's Beats on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads if you wanna check them out

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    If you have a bootcamp partition in windows try fruity loops studio (also called FL studio) Its amazing for making beats. Very simple to use but endless amounts of beats you can make.

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    if you have GarageBand, just use the Magic Garage Band and switch the instruments to hip hop sounds, and bass synths, the beat will create itself, no two beats will be the same, given each time you switch the instruments around...

    Worth a shot

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    Go for Logic if I were you. If your used to garageband then logic will be an easier transition, as garageband is basically a scaled down version of logic. You can use all the instruments and loops from garageband in it, plus loads more that are better and there are loads and loads of plug-ins you can get for it.

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    Rap beats
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    +1 for Fruity Loops - friend has used it for years and made some amazing beats. Unfortunately it's PC only.

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