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    A good audio editor suitable for my needs

    I have been wondering which audio editor for the mac should I get. I deal mostly with videos and will sometimes need a good audio editor.

    The tasks I might need the audio editor to do

    - Fix cracks in the audio tracks
    - Simple and effective interface for splitting and moving audio segments around
    - Able to easily adjust the start and end of audio tracks, so I can sync up the timeline of audio and video tracks together
    - Filter out certain noises
    - Amply certain sounds
    - Good converting/exporting capability to convert audio tracks from one format to another
    - And pretty much anything else that might come up during video production and editing

    I don't record or remux music. I am looking for a simple and effective interface if possible. Any suggestion is appreciated.



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    A good audio editor suitable for my needs
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    Have you tried Audacity? It's a free, open source audio editor that is fairly easy to use - and you can't beat the price.
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    Yeah. I tried Audacity already. I didn't like it that much. It was a little buggy, and the interface wasn't that refined. So far, I have been using Sound Studios, Amadeus Pro, and Fission to decide which is better. I just wondered if there is an even better audio editing tool. I thought of trying Logic Studios, but it seems to be more suitable for music production and such.

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