I'm throwing a party and I was wondering if anybody could recommend some software for me.

I've compiled the list of songs, and the order in which they are to play. My laptop is going to be set up under the DJ table (MacBook Pro).

I'm going to have my remote on my (the little white one), and what I want to know is whether or not there is a software that can transition a song subtly from one to the next when one clicks 'next'. Like iTunes does at the end and start of a naturally playing song. If there's a song that isn't going down too well I want to be able to skip it, without a gap, or big pause...theoretically I want software that can skip song after song after song (but blend them together so it doesn't seem forced) even if a song is only played for ten seconds.

The sooner anybody could get back to me the better, I've left it rather too late.