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    Importing Stills into FCP
    Newbie with FCP. I was reading the book and was a little unclear on how to inport digital stills in Final Cut Pro. The stills I want to import into FCP is in my I-photo folders. Most of pictures are JPEG and I forgot the resolution but it is over 3200 X 2000 from a 7 Meg pixie camera. Do I need to down size them down to 740 x 480? If so I would have to use Photoshop.

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    Importing Stills into FCP
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    You don't have to do anything.

    Just drag the image you want from iPhoto to the desktop, then File>Import that file into Final Cut.

    FCP, from what I've seen does fine with high-res images (if you wanted to do Motion and zoom around on the photos), but if you just want a still with no zooming, I'd go ahead and scale it down to NTSC740x480 in Photoshop to save file size.
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