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    Simple Editing Program
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    Simple Editing Program
    Is there a "simple" video editing program that can be used on 10.14 that is very easy to use for people that only want to edit home movies like "iMovie 5.02 of System 10.6.8"? I find the current iMovie versions very complicated as if they were designed for people that want to make a movie for Netflix. I simply want to edit simple home movies without a lot of study of a very complicated editing system.

    Thanx for any responses
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    Simple Editing Program
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    Use the free iMovie or Movies app within macOS and use YouTube videos to learn the basics of what you want to do.

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    Simple Editing Program
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    How complex is the editing that you want to do? QuickTime Player can do basic editing and video recording.
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    Simple Editing Program
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. D View Post
    Is there a "simple" video editing program that can be used on 10.14 ...
    Check out:

    HitFilm Express (Free)
    Download HitFilm Express | for Mac & PC -
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    Simple Editing Program
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    Ive been using OpenShot Video Editor and I absolutely love it.

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