Has anyone encountered this phenomenon with the fuji xt3 hevc files having crushed blacks and clipped highlights on macbook pro? I've tested it with 2017 and 2015 13" macbook pros. It happens in every single player, I've tried like 10, and also in all the editing programs. Tried resolve with video data levels set to full, overriding color space in final cut etcetc. I can't find anyone online talking about it for some weird reason. I have spent a massive amount of time on this issue, I'm starting to think it's mac hardware related but then again it's weird the hevc files from an iPhone look fine. Hevc files are flawless with correct luma values on windows... h264 looks good on both systems .

i have the 2017 base i5 2,3ghz macbook pro, intel iris 640 graphics, 8gb ram, 128gb storage. heres a link to thread with download files available and screencaps of what im seeing - https://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/31849-x-t3-h265-crushed-blacks-clipped-highlights-on-macbook-pro/?tab=comments#comment-289407