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    Is there an easty way to get old family videos into 10.6.8 iMovie & iMovie HD?
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    Is there an easty way to get old family videos into 10.6.8 iMovie & iMovie HD?
    Is there an easier way to get old family videos into OS 10.6.8 iMovie & iMovie HD for easy editing! I have a ton of old family videos I want to re-edit them with the much easier iMovie 5.0 & iMovie HD. They are so much more intuitive & easy than the "Canne Film Festival & Hollywood version Apple now produces as iMovie! I used to use the "pass through" selection on a video camera to change them to the right form to import into iMovie HD. That piece of equipment sadly died!

    Do you know a piece of equipment that can be used convert the signals from a DVD player output to older iMac input that runs O.S.10.6.8, & iMovie HD? I suspect some company may make such a peice of electonic equipment since an old video camera with a pass through selector did it! There may be some products that convert the DVD Player output - to iMac input so a iMovie 5.0. or iMovie HD editor can accept the input. Any help from you geniuses???

    I want to use the great, "SIMPLE", intuitive editing programs of old O.S. 10.8.6 as it's SOOOOOO much easier! Thanx in advance for any help!

    I figured out a work around,.... BUT it uses Handbrake to rip the video, & then takes the lifetime of a one of Trump's promises (about a day& a half) to input it into iMovie HD. HELP!

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    Is there an easty way to get old family videos into 10.6.8 iMovie & iMovie HD?
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    You will need something like this,
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    Is there an easty way to get old family videos into 10.6.8 iMovie & iMovie HD?
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    Is there an easty way to get old family videos into 10.6.8 iMovie & iMovie HD?
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    Nice ride Mr D. Love the colour. Sorry not much help re your issue but respec to you.
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