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    Do you know a "SUPER SIMPLE & INTUITIVE "Video Editor"?
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    Do you know a "SUPER SIMPLE & INTUITIVE "Video Editor"?
    Do you know a "SUPER SIMPLE & INTUITIVE "Video Editor" like the old iMovie HD of O.S. 10.6? I want a simple, intuitive video editor for re-editing old Home Movies videos & Educational Videos. The latest versions of iMovie are far too complicated like they are designed to make a movie for Netflix or Hollywood! I'd like to be able to play a video on a DVD play & input it into my Mac for re-editing with 10.14.2! I figured out a "work around" but importing it into the old iMovie HD & editing it using 10.6.8 can take 12 hours or more of importing time! YIKES

    Thanx for any suggestions!
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    Do you know a "SUPER SIMPLE & INTUITIVE "Video Editor"?
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    uHave a look at this recent thread. It has links to an iMovie tutorial and a description info on using QuickTime as an editor.
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    Do you know a "SUPER SIMPLE & INTUITIVE "Video Editor"?
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    Why not give QuickTime Player a go?

    It comes natively with your Mac. It is "basic" in relation to the latest iMovie app; but still offers enough features to meet your needs - and more.

    This Apple Instruction article will take you through the functions available:


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