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    Advice need on best video convertor app for imac
    Hi first post on here, apologizes if I have posted in wrong section. Just bought Refurbished iMac good bye old PC forever. I am still working my way through iMac for dummies, but one of the things I am having a problem with is finding the best and easiest app to convert video in to my itunes library. I have tried some free ones and some that have been recommended but I can not get any of them to work. I don't mind paying for any app just so long as it works. I am running El Capitan 10.11.6 not sure if this is up to date software.

    Any advice for you Pro's would be very grateful.

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    Please provide specifics about the iMac and we can tell you what the latest version of the OS that machine can run. In general, macOS 10.14 Mojave is the latest version, so you are about 3 releases behind.

    As far as video conversion goes, from what format are you trying to convert to what format? Have you tried Handbrake?

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    Advice need on best video convertor app for imac
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    To find out if you can use a newer version of OS X/macOS, you can look in the App Store. The most current version is Mojave, but prior versions are still available here, That is the Mojave upgrade webpage, but at the bottom, there are links for upgrades to Sierra and High Sierra as well.

    I agree with Raz0rEdge, as I use Handbrake all the time to convert video files to use in iTunes too.
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    Hi RazOrEdge

    Thanks for fast response. I just had a quick look at Handbrake before I replied to you. The format I want to use is converting you tube music files to either mp3 or mp4 files and straight in to my Itunes. This was dead easy on my old PC but as I am still trying to work out the how to do tasks on this iMac the going is going to be slow. As regards to OS it seems I am several versions behind. What is the best way to get the latest's version installed, not worried about cost at my old age. Any advice will be most helpful.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thanks ferarr. Will have a look. Cheers for the link

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    Well you'll be happy to know that a few releases ago, Apple decided to stop charging for OS upgrades, so they are all free.

    MP3 is a audio format and not video. I'm not sure what format videos downloaded from YouTube are in but Handbrake has the output for iPhone or whatever to make sure it's the right format.

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    Hi RazOrEdge.

    Thank you very much especially info on OS upgrades.

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    Advice need on best video convertor app for imac
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    @GTD Guy Take a look at a program called ClipGrab. Once you put in the url, I think it can read that from your broser window, you can choose the format for the downloaded file. There is even an option to choose "audio only" which will as the name implies preseve only the audio. There are several video formats in the list and IIRC the first option works with iTunes.

    This program has two things going for it IMHO:
    1. Pretty simple to use.
    2. Free
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    Advice need on best video convertor app for imac
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    Handbrake is very good and free but takes a little work and practice. Smart Converter Pro by Shedworx is by far the simplest, easiest app I've ever used. The free version will give you an idea but like me you will probably end up buying the Pro version which enables bulk conversions. Of course that depends on how much converting you need to do.

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