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    import dvd to OSX Photos
    I'm using latest OSX on MacBook Pro and I'm going to interesting to import some dvd to Photos, It's possible?
    Dvd contains amateur video infact It has AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS directories.
    Dvd is not indestructible so I want to save video to my archive.

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    import dvd to OSX Photos
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    Good morning and welcome.

    I think this article from Apple is what you want:

    As your vide content is "amateur", there won't be any DRM issues.

    Although the article specifies photos rather than videos, the principle should be the same, I think.

    Please post back if any problems.


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    import dvd to OSX Photos
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    I usually use Handbrake,, to convert non DRM DVD video to M4P, which should import into Photos.
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