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    Digital juice and a second os
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    Digital juice and a second os
    Hello all, I have an extensive Digital Juice library, My Mac Pro (2011) tower is running OS 10.13.6 the Digital Juice Juicer which renders the chosen graphic will not work in High Sierra, Digital Juice says it will work on my Mac with Sierra. I have downloaded Sierra and want to install it on one of my four 6TB HDD that is empty. I am also running Parralell with Windows 7Ultimate on it. If I can install Sierra on one of the internal HDD I'll have three operating systems on the computer. I would like to be able to boot up to Sierra so I can use the Juicer on my effects and backgrounds. Is this possible?
    Thank you, Carl
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    Digital juice and a second os
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    Yes, it should be possible as long as the hard drive you install Sierra on is bootable. You can then choose which macOS to boot from by holding down your Option key when booting the Mac Pro. This is of course assuming you're using a Mac graphic card that shows the boot screen. Certain PC graphic cards while useable in your Mac Pro may not show the boot screen during the boot up process.

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    Digital juice and a second os
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    Most definitely possible. In could have 4, 5, 6, 7, etc. OS versions installed & bootable (as long as the computer supports each OS version). Each OS version just needs to be on its own hard drive or hard drive partition. I've have individual hard drives with 5 partitions...with a different OS version on each partition. Definitely possible....go for it.

    - Nick
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    Digital juice and a second os
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    Quote Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post
    I've have individual hard drives with 5 partitions...with a different OS version on each partition. Definitely possible....go for it.

    - Nick
    Are you sure we're not twins? lol
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