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    AVCHD and Final Cut Express or iMovie
    Hi everyone,

    I had someone record some student presentations for me last week, and they gave me an SD card with the video files. The actual video is .mts, but I do have the full folder structure saved.

    I can't figure out how to get these into either of my video editing programs successfully (they are always greyed out).

    To complicate things, I do not have access to the camera (nor do I know what kind it was). I no longer have the files on my SD card, either. They are on my hard drive.

    I don't need to do anything fancy, just cut them up into individual presentations and get them back to the students.

    any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!


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    AVCHD and Final Cut Express or iMovie

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    Your best move would have been to insert the SD card into your IMovie/FCP/FCE and IMPORT the files...You will not have much luck drilling thru the file structure to extracate the actual video files. Try importing what you have...Do not drill thru the files just select the whole folder....

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    Hi codda,

    Unfortunately I had to wipe the SD card to give it back for a second day of recording...

    When I choose File>Import>Folders and select the AVCHD folder it says "File error: 0 file(s) recognized, 0 access denied, 10 unknown"

    Any other thoughts/suggestions?


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    AVCHD and Final Cut Express or iMovie
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    Have you read the Sticky at the top of the Movies and Video Forum?

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    AVCHD and Final Cut Express or iMovie
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    Try opening the file in either Mpeg Streamclip or VLC ? Try MPEG Streamcip first. It can do the basic clipping you need right within the program and export in a variety of formats. Both programs are free.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Meredith in GA View Post
    The actual video is .mts, ...
    I can't figure out how to get these into either of my video editing programs successfully.
    Before you can edit, it's better to convert .mts to common video formats such as .mp4.
    To convert your own avchd videos, a specific conversion program might work better.
    Search on the app store, got the AVCHD Converter.

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