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    Netgear Neo and Lion OS
    After many hours of exhaustive research and tral and error i have come to the conclusion that Netgear Noe TV is not campatable with OSX Lion...

    Unless your a high end tech head and are will to intall codecs and other similar then forget it...

    What was i thinking.....

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    Luckily, Apple TV is perfectly compatible.

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    Netgear Neo and Lion OS
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    After all those back and forth posts in February? That's a shame.

    It IS compatible and works fine. However, Netgear don't make it particularly easy with all the fuss and nonsense about port mapping and network sharing protocols.

    Personally I went for the AppleTV which works brilliantly. I believe the Roku box is a good, easy setup/high feature box too.

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    I did recive an Email from netgear after chucking a tantrum on thier face book page which informed of the convoluted process to get OSX lion to Fileshare with netgear NEO not easy...Downloading of codecs etc anmd many steps...I have an Apple TV arriving today...Anyone want second hand Neo TV ?????

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